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#blessed: Lesson 1: Part 1

Hello, and welcome to 10-Minute Bible study!

We are studying Psalm 1:1-3 in this series, which, if you’ll recall from last week’s introduction, opens with the word blessed. So before we get into studying that passage, we’re going to spend the first few weeks digging in deep to the meaning of the word blessed!


To start my research, I wanted to find out the Biblical definition of the word blessed. As it turns out, there are four words translated blessed in our Bibles, two in the Old Testament and two in the New Testament. When we find the word bless, blessed, or blessing, a form of one these four words is being used:

Old Testament (Hebrew)



New Testament (Greek)



We’re going to start by studying barak and eulogeo before we move on to esher and makarios in a couple of weeks.

So here we go!

Barak and eulogeo both reference a state of being divinely favored and consecrated to God. The actual definition of barak is “to kneel, to bless,” so the word also implies a gesture of praise and submission. The definition of eulogeo is “to speak well of, to praise, to bless.” Every time the word blessing is used in the Bible it is a form of barak or eulogeo, which means that every blessing in Scripture is an outward symbol of divine favor and consecration to God.

These two words are used throughout Scripture to describe God, people, and even things. When a thing was blessed, it meant that thing was consecrated to God for divine purposes. When these words are used to describe God, they refer to praise. God can be barak and eulogeo blessed by people through words or gestures of praise, adoration, thanksgiving, etc. What an awesome concept to think that we, mere humans, can bless God!


Now that we’ve been introduced to the meaning of these two words, let’s start answering our questions!

What does it mean to be blessed?

Oh here we go! This is somewhat of a loaded question, and we’re going to tackle it head-on.

We’ve merely scratched the surface of the word blessed, but we do know barak and eulogeo blessedness means being divinely favored and consecrated to God. Even a quick Google search gives these results: