Fighting for freedom for all people.

Eradicating slavery before it starts.

Annie co-founded Unlock Freedom in 2012, where she served as Executive Director and President for 5 years and authored the nationally endorsed student curriculum, Project #ITSTOPSWITHME. Unlock Freedom is now a ministry arm of Annie Perkins Ministries, focusing on the prevention of human sex trafficking in America and around the world.


What is human trafficking?

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Project #ITSTOPSWITHME is a four-lesson program that can be implemented into the student body through clubs, classroom study, etc. Lessons include:

THE FACTS: What is Human Trafficking Anyway?

THE FUEL: What is Fueling Sex Trafficking in America Today?

THE FORMULA: How Do Traffickers Get Their Victims?

THE FIGHTWhat Can I Do to Make a Difference?

Through these revealing lessons, videos, interactive discussion, and tools for activism, students will be educated and inspired to do their part to combat human trafficking in America. They will join young people across the country to make the decision that #ITSTOPSWITHME.


6th-12th Grade:

New and revised, digitized version of Project #ITSTOPSWITHME for classroom usage 


Program evaluations showed...

Students indicate enhanced knowledge of:

  • vulnerability factors

  • perpetrator characteristics and tactics

  • magnitude of the problem

  • proximity of/personal connection to the issue/risk

Students indicate desire to change behaviors:

  • desire to educate self more

  • desire to educate others

  • desire to protect self

  • desire to protect others

  • ability to respond to danger

  • changing social media settings/behavior

  • desire to take action

*Results from pre/post tests as analyzed by our parters at OU Tulsa


students understand the warning signs of a trafficked victim

students understand how to report a victim

students are more careful online and on social media

students feel more negatively about pornography

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