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Developing and mobilizing Christ-centered leaders in the next generation.


For the young person who is serious about their faith.


A 3-year leadership academy to develop:

  • Spiritual Growth: Students will receive a firm biblical foundation to carry into the future.

  • Leadership: Students will learn and apply foundational leadership principles.

  • Mentorship: Students will experience life-changing, committed mentorship.

  • Friendship: Students will develop deep-rooted friendship with like-minded peers.

Each program year will kick off with a 5-day camp. Camp will include:

  • worship services

  • 3 days of workshops in the area of our 3 Pillars:

    • My Mind

    • My Heart

    • My Mission

  • small groups

  • fun camp activities!

Additionally, students will be required to complete a project each year in one of these three areas:

  • Discipleship

  • Evangelism

  • Compassion Ministry/Community Service


Because the next generation is standing at a precipice. But we believe God is raising up a generation of young leaders who, like King Hezekiah in the Bible, will:

  • hold fast to God

  • trust God like never before

  • lead others back to God

  • remove idols

  • stand firm in the face of taunting 

  • prioritize the Word of God 

  • utilize God-given strategies to meet needs


Program years run from June-May.


Each program year will kick off with camp. 

After camp, the program will continue digitally throughout the rest of the year. There will be two other in-person events throughout the year as well.


Camp will be held at Fort Phoenix at Ft. Gibson Lake in Oklahoma.

After that, students will meet digitally on a monthly basis with their small group and mentors.

There will be two additional in-person events throughout the year.

More Information and Applications

Student information and application.

Mentor information and application.


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