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FAQ: Who is this program for?

If you are a young person who is serious about your faith, then you are exactly who we are looking for.

If you have a desire for

  • Spiritual growth

  • Leadership development 

  • Mentorship

  • Friendship


and so much more, then this program is for you.

FAQ: What is involved in this program?

  • Camp (the yearly kick-off for the program!)

    • worship services​

    • morning classes

    • small groups

    • fun outdoor activities

  • Weekly curriculum 

  • Monthly digital meetings with small group and mentors

  • Completion of a project in the area of discipleship, evangelism, or compassion ministry/community service. (Don't worry, we'll walk you through this as the year goes on!)

  • Two additional yearly in-person events *One of these events will be project presentations

Additionally, if you are accepted as a first-year student (June, 2023-May, 2024 program year), you will be part of the pilot of the Hezekiah Project! What does that mean? It means you will have the privilege of going through the program FREE OF CHARGE, as well as playing an integral role in shaping the program. You will be completing various questionnaires and providing feedback which will allow us to improve the experience and overall growth of the program for future students. You will get to have a voice in the development of the program for future students!

*First-year applications will close on April 30, and spots are limited.

A note of encouragement:

Students, there may be parts of this program that sound scary or intimidating—like talking in front of your peers or doing a project—but we know you can do it! What you will gain from this experience will be so worth it. God doesn’t call us to live comfortable lives, He calls us to live courageous lives. And we believe in you!


Thank you for your application! Remember to submit the video, and we will be in touch!

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