November 25, 2019

one of the most awesome things about our God, one of the reasons we can give thanks in any circumstance, is because we can KNOW that when we love God He is going to bring purpose from absolutely everything He allows us to walk through

April 20, 2019

Doing good works are not the same as producing good fruit. Good fruit can only be produced through connection to Christ. Anything outside of that is simply a good work. We are called to good works, but only through Christ do our good works produce good fruit!

April 14, 2019

Jesus is the Person Who leads to eternal life. He is the Person Who brings us from spiritual death to spiritual life. And He is the Person Who can bring back to life what we thought was dead!

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I am so happy you are here!

This little page includes ponderings from my heart, from the places I have been and the places God is taking me still. It is also the new home of 10-Minute Bible Study, which was first birthed as "5-minute Bible Study" in 2011. I realized I needed a little more space now:)

I absolutely love Bible study. 10-Minute Bible Study was birthed out of countless conversations with people who desired to participate in Bible studies yet struggled to find the time to stay committed to lengthy lessons.   


10-Minute Bible studies are meant to be in-depth studies of God’s Word in the length of an article. They can be read or listened to in the timeframe of a commute to work, school, etc. They are written to be deep enough for the person who has been in church for years, yet straightforward enough for those who have not. My prayer is that God uses each lesson to speak directly to the heart of His children, revealing and confirming truths and calling us closer to Him.



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