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What is the Hezekiah Project?

A 3-year leadership academy to develop:

  • Spiritual Growth: Students will receive a firm biblical foundation to carry into the future.

  • Leadership: Students will learn and apply foundational leadership principles.

  • Mentorship: Students will experience life-changing, committed mentorship.

  • Friendship: Students will develop deep-rooted friendship with like-minded peers.

Each program year will kick off with a 5-day camp. Camp will include:

  • worship services

  • 3 days of workshops in the area of our 3 Pillars:

    • My Mind

    • My Heart

    • My Mission

  • small groups

  • fun camp activities!​

What is a Hezekiah Project Mentor?

A Mentor is the relational bridge between the student and the program, intentionally engaging with students to show them they are seen, known, and loved.

As a mentor for the Hezekiah Project, you will be committing to the following:

  • Being a co-mentor (you will be paired with one more mentor) to students in your assigned small group for at least 1 year(completed program is 3 years, but you will commit on a year-to-year basis)

  • Inspiring spiritual growth by living a Christ-centered life and abiding by APM's Core Values 

  • Consistently praying for students in your group

  • Attending Hezekiah Project Camp plus a minimum of 1 other in-person event  (Fall re-connect event, Winter Worship Night, and/or project presentation Spring event)

  • Attending a minimum of 5  one-hour-long digital meetings (held monthly) with your small group and co-mentor

  • Encouraging and coaching students through the process of completing their missions projects

*Additionally, all mentors will be digitally interviewed and required to pass a background check before final approval. Must be 20 years or older to apply. 

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