It's a funny thing to figure out how to describe who you are. So here's what I would say about me:)


I am a Jesus-lover, rancher's wife, mom of three, author, preacher, abolitionist, and missions fanatic. I am a daughter, sister, friend, mentor, and mentee. I LOVE coffee, dark chocolate, long talks and long walks (but only if the weather is perfect...not too hot and not too cold;) I love seeing things I've never seen and doing things I've never done.


As I look at that list of terms which “define” me, it makes me giggle a bit. It is a completely bio-worthy list, but one that doesn’t really show who I am. 

So, let me put this a little differently. First and foremost I love Jesus. Oh, I love Him so much, and I yearn to know Him more and more. I long for God to use my life to build His kingdom. I am fascinated by His Word, and I have an inherent desire to share what I learn from His Word with others. I am constantly in awe of who God is. Seriously, He blows my mind on a regular basis.

I am a wife. I can tend to be a bit bossy and stubborn; and even after nearly 20 years of marriage, I often pray that God helps me to be the wife He has called me to be. I love and respect my husband more than I can put into words, and I ask God to help me show it better each day. 


I am a mom of three - two boys and a little girl. They are my first ministry, and I pray for God to keep my passion for them stronger than my passion for any of the other work He calls me to do. 


Those other things in my bio-worthy list are the rest of who I am I suppose. I love my parents, my in-laws, and my siblings dearly. I cherish the friendships God has sprinkled throughout my life. I love coffee dates and deep talks, with friends old and new. And I get super excited over doing, trying, and seeing new things.


I did leave “normal” life behind and obeyed God straight onto hundreds of acres in a small town, into the life of a cattle rancher’s wife. Being that I've lived in the city my whole life, I'm finding this move is providing TONS of inspiration for writing;)


I did write a Bible-study book for youth, and I did start an anti-trafficking organization, both of which can be read about on other pages of this site. God’s plans for our lives when we’re walking with Him are so far beyond what we could ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). What He can do through us -  make something out of nothing in spite of our lack of qualifications - is one of the most awesome things to experience on this side of Heaven. 

Oh yeah, and the “missions-fanatic" part. When I say missions, I mean seeing every single day as having missions potential - living with purpose and destiny in our spheres of influence, our neighborhoods, and our communities. I mean being sensitive to the heart of God, allowing God to use our compassion, pain, and anger over injustices, tragedies, and needs to shape purpose within us. I mean allowing God to use the gifts He gave us within the place He has us to reach the people He created us to reach. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE foreign missions. Love it. People and places all across the globe have left deep marks upon my heart. But I am intensely passionate about being mission-minded on the mission field of our daily lives by fervently chasing the heart of God.

Well, that’s about it. This journey we're on is an amazing one, filled with twists and turns, ups and downs, and, above all, purpose. Our lives are a gift - our little piece of time within eternity to impact the world in which we live, to impact the numbers of Heaven. And it all starts with the pursuit of our Savior. So let's get on with it!

my family...

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