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Eradicating slavery before it starts.

What is human trafficking?

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Our Curriculum
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IT STOPS WITH ME is a fully digitized, 4-session human trafficking prevention curriculum for young people which can be used in schools, churches, shelters, home school co-ops, etc. The 4 sessions are as follows:

THE FACTS: What is Human Trafficking Anyway?


Session Objective: Students should have a basic understanding of the concept of human trafficking in America and why it is referred to as “modern-day slavery.” They will begin to learn what trafficking looks like here, where it happens, who is involved, and why they need to know.

THE FUEL: What is Fueling Sex Trafficking in America Today?


Session Objective: Students should be able to define what issues are fueling sex trafficking in America and expound upon the reasons why.

THE FORMULA: How Do Traffickers Get Their Victims?


Session Objective: Students should be able to explain the process by which a victim is coerced, forced, or tricked into exploitation. They should now have a full understanding of the way vulnerability, combined with manipulation, can end up in a trafficking situation.

THE FIGHT: What Can I Do to Make a Difference?


Session Objective: Students should know where and how to report human trafficking and suspicious internet activity. They should feel empowered and inspired that they can stand up, speak out, and make a difference right where they’re at.

It's videos. Because IT STOPS WITH ME was developed from feet-on-the-ground work in multiple sectors of the fight against child sex trafficking in America, its videos depict the issue from a well-rounded and shockingly realistic perspective (see Intro/Session 1 video below).

*​The video stories in this curriculum have been used by professionals at a national law enforcement level because of their well-portrayed accuracy. Additionally, Unlock Freedom allows them to be used by various other organizations for education and training purposes.


It's values. The underlying thread throughout the entire IT STOPS WITH ME curriculum is three main things: every person's life has incredible value, every person's life has influence, every person's impact can start with them.

What sets






IT STOPS WITH ME is both trauma-informed and outcomes-based (see outcomes below). During Annie's full-time involvement in anti-trafficking advocacy, she:

  • trained hundreds of professionals in education, law enforcement, government, social services, and more.

  • spoke to thousands of students in schools, shelters, churches, and detention centers.

  • conducted a webinar for the state of Oklahoma at the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

  • spoke to members of Congress regarding the connection between pornography and sex trafficking.

  • was an active member of the Oklahoma Human Trafficking Task Force.

  • helped lead the Tulsa Child Trafficking Task Force, co-chairing various subcommittees.​



Students indicate enhanced knowledge of:

  • vulnerability factors

  • perpetrator characteristics and tactics

  • magnitude of the problem

  • proximity of/personal connection to the issue/risk

Students indicate desire to change behaviors:

  • desire to educate self more

  • desire to educate others

  • desire to protect self

  • desire to protect others

  • ability to respond to danger

  • changing social media settings/behavior

  • desire to take action

*Results from pre/post tests as analyzed by our parters at OU Tulsa


students understand the warning signs of a trafficked victim

students understand how to report a victim

students are more careful online and on social media

students feel more negatively about pornography

QUESTION: Does your curriculum address labor trafficking?


QUESTION: Does your curriculum address LGBTQ youth?

ANSWER: Yes, when discussing vulnerability factors

The IT STOPS WITH ME curriculum includes digital access to the following components:

  • Facilitator's Guide

  • Student Worksheets

  • Session videos and slides

Through these revealing lessons, videos, interactive discussion, and tools for activism, students will be educated and inspired to do their part to combat human trafficking in America. 



City Outline

Great Resource

Human trafficking is happening all around us. In order to make a difference, we must open our eyes to the situations our teenagers face every day in their schools, online, and in their communities. Unlock Freedom’s curriculum offers a comprehensive overview of the definition and prevalence of human trafficking. These easy to use modules engage our youth to teach them how to remain safe, how to advocate for their friends, and how to be the solution to ending this horrific crime. Their videos, facilitator guides, discussion questions, and small group activities are all designed to enable any educator to share this curriculum with their students.


Sara Gadd
Human Trafficking Program Manager

Mission Integration Ascension

Aerial View of Suburban Street
Legs in Jeans


It Stops With Me curriculum is a well-organized human trafficking prevention program that is useful for teacher preparation, service providers, and educating young people as early as middle-school age. The four short videos about youth provide a real-life foundation for discussions about the various aspects of the trafficking process without being graphic in content.  The Facilitator’s guide is a nice addition for planning the presentation for an audience. The worksheets come with discussion questions and are helpful in assessing understanding.


Denni Blum, PhD

Associate Professor of

Social Foundations of Education

Oklahoma State University

Proud to Recommend

Our tagline at the US Institute Against Human Trafficking is "Get Educated, Get Enraged, Get Engaged", and it all starts with education... We searched high and low and reviewed dozens of human trafficking awareness trainings focusing on K-12 curricula, and Unlock Freedom was exactly what we were looking for.  The video segments tell the story, and the short lecture portions identify key lessons to be learned from the videos to ensure a clear understanding of the material while keeping students engaged.  Students learn what human trafficking is, the legal definitions, real life scenarios... [This curriculum] creates empathy for vulnerable populations, inspires action, and leaves the students with actionable steps to make a difference in their community.  I am proud to recommend Unlock Freedom.

Micah Washinski

Chief Operating Officer

U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking


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